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Self Lubricating Bushing

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BM-1 DU Bushing

DU Self lubricated plain bearing is carbon steel backed with porous bronze sinter and PTFE layer which is suitable for dry running conditions with a low coefficient of friction, low wear rate, good sliding characteristics, the advantage of this bush is working without grease and maintenance-free.

The outer surface is plated in Cu or Tin, for good anit-corrosion, DU slide bushing is the simplest form of bearings with thin thickness, and lightweight is perfect for the machine with a compact design.

This products most  used in sliding components like auto machine, pump, automobile and more.


Dry Bearing
DX Bushings

BM-2 DX Bushing

Same as DU bushing, DX bushing is metal-polymer composite oilless bearing, the material is carbon steel or bronze backed, surface layer sintered with bronze and POM coated.

DX bushings are low wear and no swelling, with excellent damping behavior and good resistance to shock, Therefore it Performs well in little grease, Especially suitable for applications where lubricant cannot be supplied continuously or repeatedly.

DX bearing as known as boundary lubricating bushing is most used for high load capacity and low speed with rotational, oscillating, or frequent stop and start motions.

BM-800 Metal & Bimetal Bushes

The bimetal bushing is a metal composite bearing with carbon steel as backing, sintered bronze alloy as the wear-resistant layer.

The advantage of the bimetal bushing is good anti-corrosion and well-sliding capability, also bimetal bush is mid-load capacity and anti-fatigue, therefor bimetal bearing is perfectly applied in the middle speed, high impact conditions.

processed with various types of oil grooves in inner bronze alloy surface, oil hole, and oil pockets according to the different working applications, such as undercarriage engines, auto industry, construction machinery, and pumps.

Bimetal Bushes
Graphite Bushings

BM-JDB Graphite Bushings

Graphite bushings are graphite plugged and graphite impregnated solid bronze bushings which are self lubricants that may work without any oil for long period.

Graphite bushing has an extremely high load capacity and low friction, particularly appropriate for low speed and the high load situation, and suitable for reciprocating, oscillation, or intermittent motion where oil film is hard to be formed.

Solid bronze bushings are wide applications to high load low speed, high temperatures like gam gate, water gate, iron and steel factory machine, and heavy-duty machines, etc.

BM-090 Bronze Bushings

Wrapped bronze bearing is made of CuSn8 bronze as a base material. It is an economical bearing with high load-bearing and good wear resistance. The working surface of the standard bronze wrapped product is covered with regular diamond-shaped oil pockets, which play a role in oil storage. It is easier to form an oil film at the beginning of a movement to reduce the friction coefficient.

The advantage of the bronze bushing is good mending,low noise ,non-pollution,and they are anti-abrasion, low coefficient of friction,long operating life, and this product are thin and light, which can reduce the volume of the machine

Bronze bushings are applied in different machines, such as auto, pumps, plastic injection, heavy equipment.

Bronze Bushings

About Bushing MFG

Zhejiang Bushing MFG Co., Ltd. established in 2006, we are one of the most famous professional metal bushings manufacturers.
We are specialists in self-lubricating bearings for 15 years, with the rich producing experience,we have the ability to produce various types of oilless products, such as BM-1(DU bushing or SF-1), BM-2(DX bushings or SF-2), BM-800 Bi-metal bushings, brass, and bronze bushings, graphite plugged bushings, with various forms,cylindrical, flange, strip plate, thrust washers, and custom types.

With approval by TSI-16949, ISO 9001-2015, RoHS, SGS, TUV, we have established business relationships with more than 20 countries, and our bushing’s quality has been confirmed by top companies from the USA and Europe.

bearing bushings process

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